The Science

Dr. Priefer is an expert in nanotechnology and is using this technology as the base for Illume™ and Glucair™.  It has been known for many years that the concentration of acetone in the breath of individuals with diabetes has a very high correlation to blood glucose levels. The challenge has been to remove the moisture from the breath, as moisture distorts results and causes inconsistencies. 


Dr. Priefer and Dr. Rust developed a novel approach that uses the natural moisture in breath, allowing us to determine the level of acetone in the breath and convert that to glucose equivalents. The technology has been awarded two US and one Mexican patent and is pending in Canada, Mexico, and the EU.


Breath Health, Inc. is testing the device in clinical settings as it works toward FDA clearance.

Study Results

Breath Health, Inc. is working with clinical organizations to test the effectiveness of Illume™ and Glucair™. Early studies were positive but much work is still being done to ensure Illume™ and Glucair™ is safe and effective for patient use.


Like all Medical Devices, Illume™ and Glucair™ will undergo stringent testing to achieve FDA Clearance and we are hoping to bring this life-changing tool to market in the next few years.