GLUCAIR™ Diabetic Monitor

Pain-Free Diabetic Glucose Breath Detector

Breath Health, Inc. is developing a device that will accurately detect breath acetone and which will mimic the current size and footprint of the common personal alcohol breathalyzer.


The first generation breathalyzer (pictured above and which is currently being miniaturized) includes a tube that the patient breathes into as well as a disposable coated slide which is inserted in the top of the device in the direct line of the patient’s breath.

Dr. Ronny Priefer and Dr. Michael Rust, both from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts discovered a novel approach to detect levels of glucose in the blood using breath.  This patented nanotechnology is in early phase testing and if successful, will result in the first non-invasive glucose detector. 

Currently, glucose detection can be challenging, as current devices on the market require a small blood draw to measure glucose levels. Breath Health, Inc. is developing a device that will measure glucose in the breath versus a blood draw approach. The goal is to offer a small discrete device that helps individuals with diabetes remain compliant to testing.  If successful, Glucair will offer an alternative approach on the market for those with diabetes.